The ELI is a systematic, reliable way of gathering information on how you and others perceive your leadership behavior. It is designed as a state of the art 360-degree feedback instrument to help leaders gain an understanding of how their view of their own leadership compares to the views of others. Click here to learn more.


Leadership Mastery: Accelerating the Power of Conscious Leadership supports leaders to access & embody the underlying paradigm that significantly shifts their ‘operating system’ or mindset. Click here to access more information.


One of the most powerful ways to encourage on-going learning is through Leadership Learning Groups (LLG), which constitute a peer community of practice. The purpose of an LLG is to help individual leaders heighten their effectiveness, and to do so in a time sensitive manner that consistently reinforces deeper insights so they become an enduring part of the leader’s practice. 
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They say it can't be done! However given our in-depth collective 30 year inquiry into what causes real change, we have found deeper, underlying patterns that produce rapid transformation in leadership....even in 100 days. Call us now for a no obligation, free one hour discussion, where we will share some of the conditions necessary for accelerated transformation.
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Most highly successful leaders now use coaches on a regular basis. Similar to top athletes, no matter how good we are, there will always be blind spots, and we can always use more support. In previous times, using a coach was seen as a mark of a ‘problem leader', now that choice is considered the mark of wisdom. Based on a tried and true methodology, our coaching is designed to encourage and reveal your leadership greatness.  


Our work is guided by an integrated systemic approach. Our model for understanding organizations as systems focuses on the relationship among key elements or forces in the organization. They include your organization's:

• vision and aspirations
• competence and personalities of its leaders
• culture, structure, and history
• corporate strategies, industry and products
• human resource policies and systems
• location and community

We work with you to create the unique conditions under which all of these forces align and work together so that your organization can gain and maintain a competitive advantage over time. 


A successful culture can only be created through successful leadership. With this in mind, we help you transform your vision into reality by asking you to define your strategic direction – a business strategy that differentiates you from your competition. Using that clearly defined strategy, we then help you develop the culture that will give you a strategic advantage.

The result: a business strategy and organizational culture fully integrated and aligned with your vision. Finally, we help you align your integrated vision, culture and business strategy with your human resource and information systems to ensure your culture-based competitive advantage.


The Future Leaders Program is a custom built, extraordinary experience designed to help grow your high potential leaders and the company as a whole. It will help participants choose to become future leaders of the company. And to do it in a way that is exciting, energizing, and powerfully impactful. Click here for more information.