Utilizing significant evidence based research and the deep wisdom of our collective experience about what truly supports and hinders deep transformation, we can support you in:

• Dramatically improving productivity & employee engagement.
• Increasing your leaders' agility and improve the quality of their decision making.
• Attracting, growing and retaining top level talent and customers.
• Outsmarting the competition with strategic and innovative thinking.
• Exceeding Shareholder, Board of Directors & Customer expectations.
• Changing the nature of your Industry.

We work with leaders with a bold vision who know that investing in the quality of their leadership and culture turns vision into reality -- and creates sustainable excellence.

If you're committed to being a success story in this new business era, we invite you to learn more about us.


Our vision is to encourage, teach and inspire conscious leadership in the world, to support a revolution of thinking around leadership and its power and potential, to ignite a flourishing of all life for generations to come. 

Conscious leaders impact the world around them in a positive direction, with significantly more powerful mental, emotional and relational capabilities, including new ways of seeing, knowing, and being. This lifts them and others to higher levels of compassion, effectiveness and mutuality.