Future Leaders Program

While many small to mid market companies work hard to identify their next generation of leadership, they fail to prepare them for success at the next level. Often they don’t have the resources large companies do, and they believe that a high potential leadership program would be too costly to create and manage.

What if one learning experience could do the following:

  1. Prepare your rising stars to step up to the challenge of being company leaders.
  2. Engage the managers you want in a way that increases the likelihood they stay in the company and continue to offer their talent.
  3. Grow the culture to help it become extraordinary.

And could do it in a cost effective way?

That is the purpose of our “Future Leaders” initiative. The Future Leaders Program is a custom built, extraordinary experience designed to help grow your high potential leaders and the company as a whole. It will help participants choose to become future leaders of the company. And to do it in a way that is exciting, energizing, and powerfully impactful.

The unique feature of our future leaders program is the degree to which we are able to make it not only a learning event for leaders but also a culture-building event for the company. In one company, for example, the future leaders program along with associated efforts has helped it become an industry leader with consistent and growing profitability. All this in a deep recession in an industry that is floundering.

How could this happen? The Future Leaders Program helps you produce a ready-made pipeline of leaders for future success. We do this in three ways:

  1. Actively including the senior leadership team in determining what gets explored to ensure it meets the growing needs of the company;
  2. Actively including individuals from the senior leadership team in partnering with the facilitator in the delivery of specific parts of the program;
  3. Asking participants to take part in assignments that are both growthful for themselves and produce a breakthrough in the company in meaningful areas.

The Goals of the Program

The program itself is a combination of individual coaching, group experiences, and breakthrough initiatives that build your future leaders and take them to the next level. As a result of the program, participants will:

  • Become models of the kinds of leaders you want in your organization
  • Own their own capacity as a leader
  • Build their leadership around a deeply held set of principles
  • Guide their leadership with a clear sense of purpose
  • Be better able to inspire others toward great results
  • Be exposed to the latest research around leadership and organizational effectiveness
  • Develop a 100-day action plan that maps out their progress

Our Offer

Dr. Keith Merron will facilitate the program along with the CEO and a hand picked group of executives in the company. We will guide the design and execution of a curriculum, tailor made to strengthen your organizations ability to be inclusive and high performing. The participants will meet for two days once a quarter for a full year, culminating in the presentation to the executive team of a breakthrough project designed to help strengthen the company as a whole.