The Four Cornerstones of Our Business

Getting people to move forcefully in the right direction for the organization is the greatest challenge facing business today. Leadership Pathways can help you align your most important resource — your people — so that your company moves faster and more successfully toward accomplishing your goal of true industry leadership.

This path is rarely easy, nor is it always immediately gratifying. Yet, for our clients and for ourselves, as the horizon of vision widens, the path of leadership is the only choice.

Integrated and Systemic:

At Leadership Pathways, we see organizations as systems — as a confluence of complex forces that together conspire to create the organizational dynamic. Therefore, any work we do with you, to be effective, is sensitive to and often involves much of the following: 

  • Your company’s aspirations
  • The personality of your leaders
  • Your company’s culture
  • Your company’s structure
  • The history of your company
  • Your industry and sector
  • Your products
  • Your Human Resource policies and systems
  • The communities in which your company operates
  • Your corporate strategies (both stated and implied)

We do not have "one" answer or "the" answer. We seek to co-create with you the unique conditions under which your organization will grow and sustain that growth over time. Nor do we take a cookie cutter approach. We use processes and assessment tools to discover your organization's unique needs and to help you learn how best to meet them. The organization development work we do with you is then based on this discovery and learning.

The goal of our consulting services is to identify, create, or affect the forces that will produce your organization's greatest potential. The goal of our custom-designed training is to produce the attitudes and skills necessary for enhanced individual competence. Most efforts to affect change require both heightened organizational effectiveness and greater individual competence.

Relationship Integrity:

Leadership Pathways is distinguished by our honesty and integrity. 

Many consultants are reticent to say things that might upset their clients. As a result, they shade the truth for their own comfort.

We aim to discover the deep issues that prevent or promote your organization's effectiveness. We are willing to forfeit a client relationship in the service of having a positive and enduring impact on his or her organization. As a result, our clients trust that we will be honest with them.

At the same time, we sensitively state the truths we uncover so that, when exploring difficult issues, our clients realize our intent is to support their ability to take effective action.

Our added value to our clients emanates from who we are as individuals. Our clients tell us they value our ability to listen and connect. We tell the truth with compassion and empathy. We operate from a perspective that supports our clients' greater perspective of themselves and their organizations.

Excellence as Practice:

We do leading edge but not "trendy" work. We continually stretch the boundaries of consulting. Our collaboration with our clients produces a "learning laboratory" environment in which we pioneer new ideas, structures and shared leadership models. We develop, publish and use innovative products, materials and measurement instruments; and make our state-of-the-art tools available to the organizational development community as a whole.

We practice excellence in our relationships. The relationships with our clients are where the work is focused, and where the results are achieved. Through it all, we are relentlessly committed to one thing: extraordinary success.

Cultural Alignment for Competitive Advantage:

Few business leaders today truly understand what it takes to create a powerful, committed culture that works for the benefit of the bottom line. For example, some leaders attempt to include everyone in the creation of the company vision, with the assumption that such involvement will produce the ever-desired cultural "buy-in." While such support may be achieved, the visions that are created through this process usually don’t differentiate the company or create an environment for true marketplace success. Because so many people are involved in the vision creation, the company creates a vision with which "everyone" feels comfortable. As a result, the vision gets reduced to the lowest common denominator.

The way Leadership Pathways ensures your company vision actually does create an environment for success, is to first ask you to determine or clarify your strategic direction. Your business strategy, by definition, must differentiate you from other businesses in your markets. Once we have worked with you to refine your strategic direction, we use this information to help you articulate the culture that will best produce your strategic advantage. As a result, your business strategy and cultural strategy are fully integrated. 

Finally, we focus on aligning your human resources and information systems with your newly integrated culture and business strategy. Then and only then does the culture of your company become a true and enduring competitive advantage.

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